Luke - Topinambur-Aussies Australian Shepherd breeding from the Harz Mountains

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WTCH S Bar L Soulhunter
Foto : Stephanie Wendorff
DOB August 01. 2007
red bi
ED 0
Pra etc. clear
MDR1 (+/+)
HSF 4 : N/N (clear)
Größe: 51 cm / 19 kg
Eyes clear September 2018
Luke moved in with us in autumn. Burkhard wanted to have his own dog right from the start and when we heard about the litter Solo / Katie from Sandra Zilch, I asked her very quietly and she put us on the list. Oh man, it was a long time until the babies were born and we were finally allowed to look at them, but at some point it finally happened and there he was - our LUKE.
He was my dog immediately, chasing me at every turn.
Foto: Stephanie Wendorff
He is a little daredevil (which Cookie sometimes gets to feel) and walks through life very confidently. With him, the "will to please" is very strong, he really wants to do everything right. At the moment we are trying to explain to him that the kitchen table is not a playground;)

We are very excited about its further development. He is our little sunshine.

Thanks Sandra for letting us bring this little man to us!
Luke is now one year old and he has developed into a pretty, not too big and delicate young male. He exceeded all our expectations - just a dream - above all, his ears. With Cookie, he still gets along great, the two of them are a real dream team. His “will to please” is really unique, he really wants to do everything right and usually he does it too. But if we do have a different opinion or he notices I'm pissed, he arrives immediately and jumps onto my arm with one sentence, according to the motto "I'm still sooo small and cute, not angry", actually you can't.
Foto: Stephanie Wendorff
We have now started a little bit with agility and
he makes that pretty nice, but sometimes think
he only does it because he wants to do me a favor;)

There is no way losing a sheep! So that we or I don't do too much wrong, we now regularly drive to his breeder Sandra Zilch for training.

We are really looking forward to his further development.
Foto: Stephanie Wendorff
Luke's successes:
WEWASC Stockdog Merit Program 2009

1. Place Started Sheep
8. Place Open Sheep (with 1 Run)
3. Place Started Ducks
10. Place Open Ducks (with 1 Run)

WEWASC Merit List:
10. Pl. open Sheep,
9. Pl. adv. Sheep,
8. Pl. open Ducks,
8. Pl. adv. Ducks,
7. Pl. started Cattle
Foto:Stephanie Wendorff
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