Our Animals - Topinambur-Aussies Australian Shepherd breeding from the Harz Mountains

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Our Animals
These are our four Gotland fur sheep, three girls and a ram. The four moved in with us in summer 2007 and we hope that the ram has covered the girls in November / December and that they are pregnant. If so, we will have offspring in April and our little herd will finally grow.
The Gotis belong to the mixed wool short tail sheep. They are medium in size with silver-gray wool, which is great for felting.
They are very robust and can therefore be kept outdoors all year round. The heat is strictly seasonal and they have good mother properties, usually twins are born.
Their country of origin is Sweden.
Our fur sheep herd has now grown to an impressive 26 animals.
This year (2009) we had 13 lambs from 8 ewes, including 4 rams and 9 girls. Our ram Thysson has done a good job !!
"Summer" our farm tiger.
When she was about two weeks old, her mother was run over and I raised her with the bottle. Summer has two daughters who, together with her, keep our barn and stables more or less mouse-free. But most of the time they just lie in the sun and enjoy the day or get a little bit annoyed by the dogs
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