Peaches - Topinambur-Aussies Australian Shepherd breeding from the Harz Mountains

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WTCH Cut'n Loose G-Star ATD-Ms DNA-VP
DOB July 14. 2012
red merle
HD: B2
ED: clear
OCD: clear
MDR1 +/+
SOD1 n/n
Eyes clear: September 2018
HSF4 clear
prcd-PRA: N/N (clear)
CEA/CH: N/N (clear)
CMR1: clear
Breeder: Jamie Burns, Texas
Peaches is simply Peaches .... when working on stock she is an absolute dream and a great working dog. She learns incredibly quickly and has an incredible stock sense. She has beautiful wide flanks and works with style ..... she makes many things simply as a matter of course.
In everyday life, she is a funny, happy whirlwind that puts a smile on our face every day.
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